Crossover XLI

Meet the crossover XLI

Vista RV's most popular camper trailer

The Vista Crossover XLI is the most popular model in our line-up. Larger than the Classic, while still compact and built tough for the off-road.

The most comfortable camper in the Australia Outback Touring market. The XLI is spacious with plenty of storage. Very popular and backed by a great reputation with many happy campers!




the freedom of the open road

Conquer rugged terrains and traverse remote landscapes as the XLI seamlessly blends toughness with comfort. Whether it’s chasing sunsets on the coast or navigating the outback’s dusty trails, this camper opens doors to unforgettable experiences.

With its robust design and easy setup, the XLI is not just a camper; it’s your partner in crafting stories of freedom, discovery, and boundless adventure.


Go anywhere. In comfort and style.


The Vista RV Crossover XLI comes packed with features that
make our trailers the best in Australia

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Physical Specs

Length: 5300 mm
Width: 1900 mm
Height: 2150 mm
ATM: 1980 kg
Tare: 1300 kg
Payload: 680 kg
Towball weight: 130 kg

Exterior Storage

Front boot/Toolbox: 303 L
Outside Kitchen: 70 L
Font side locker: 211 L
Rear side lower locker: 122 L
Rear side upper locker: 103 L
Battery locker and storage: 98 L
Gas bottles supplied: 4.5 kg x 2
Jerrycan holders: 20 L x 4
Water Tank: 87 L x 2

Interior Storage

Electrical cupboard: 31 L
Sink cupboard: 141 L
Utility cupboard: 99 L
Robe: 129 L
Under seats: 239 L
Fridge 110 L
Optional Extras

Popular Options

Our most popular optional extras for comfort and functionality.

Diesel Heater

This heater keeps you warm on the cooler nights and uses the front driver side jerry can as a fuel cell.

Battery Upgrade

Upgrade to Lithium 100A or 125A battery with inbuilt Bluetooth BMS (Battery Management System)

Door Pantry

An aluminium pantry built into the door as a great use of space and very handy.

Fly Screen

A fly screen door on the entry door with magnetic fasteners to keep nature outside.

Side Storage Pockets

Extra storage with side pockets above the seats on both sides

Draft Skirt

Extra comfort from drafts with a skirt that covers from front to rear along the kitchen side

More Options

We have even more options to customise your hybrid caravan to suit your needs

Side Hatch Cover

Lockable & vented cover for the side hatch.

Protective Camper Cover

Extra protective cover for the camper with entry flap and clear solar insert at rear.

Portable HWS

Companion Logic Lithium portable hot water system.

Webasto HWS & Heater

Webasto hot water system & diesel heater with rear shower outlet

DO35 Bi-Lock

The DO-35 Bi-Lock assembly consists of a dummy pin, two keys, a lock and a dust cover.

Extended Draw Bar

Custom made to extend the draw bar by 300mm.

Sail Awning Extension

Easily zip the extension onto the Shade sail to extend the undercover area to the rear of the Ensuite pod, side wall included

QLED Above Breakfast Bar

This dual coloured light not only provides a bright white light but also an Amber insect light.

Storage Compartment Lights

Light up 3 main Storage compartments on the driver’s side with the flick of a switch.

Inverter Pack

2000W Redarc inverter will give you the power to enjoy some home luxuries while travelling.

Specifications are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Crossover XLI FAQ's
Is the XLI suitable for long-distance travel as a crossover caravan?

Absolutely! The XLI’s durable construction and spacious interior make it an excellent choice for extended journeys. Whether tackling rugged terrains or cruising on highways, the XLI delivers comfort and reliability.

How does the storage capacity of the XLI compare to traditional camper trailers?

The XLI offers ample storage space, with various compartments including under-bed storage, utility cupboards, and external lockers. This ensures all your gear is organized and easily accessible during your adventures.

What distinguishes the XLI as a hybrid caravan in the market?

The XLI stands out as a premier crossover camper, seamlessly blending the convenience of a camper trailer with the comfort of a caravan. Its versatile design makes it ideal for off-road adventures.

What features make the XLI a top contender in the crossover hybrid segment?

The XLI boasts a perfect fusion of versatility and functionality, making it a standout in the crossover hybrid market. With innovative design elements and rugged capabilities, the XLI ensures an unmatched camping experience.

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