About Vista RV

The History of Vista

How an idea became a way of life

Trace our journey from humble beginnings to pioneering excellence with Vista RV’s timeline. Explore key milestones and pivotal moments that have shaped our legacy since 2005.


Vista RV started testing and trialing the suspension and chassis.


Exterior Design

Started designing the exterior of the Vista.

Launch time!

We launched the first Vista at The Exhibition centre we had an amazing response and started receiving orders from day one.



Vista RV’s TVK model was launched


Our XL model was released


2 new models

The XLI & XLE was launched

kitchen upgrade

The kitchen was changed to a textured material and the entry also received changes


What will be next?

The future is waiting for you to explore it

Design Overview

vista rv crossover Design

The original design was based on the philosophy that we wanted to create an off-road camper-trailer capable of going anywhere a four wheel drive could go, that was easy-to-use and boasted a high level of comfort.

Since the original design in 2006 we have maintained this philosophy and continued to release improvements and new variants that are as comfortable as they are practical.

Body System

A mix of various materials combined to produce a strong and durable system. Roof elements are fiberglass, side walls are fiberglass faced and vacuum pressed composite panels. Front and rear are enclosed with sheet metal assemblies providing an ideal medium for strength and integration of various attached secondary elements.

Chassis System

Jig assembled and hot dip galvanised after fabrication. Lateral tube members interface with chassis rails to produce a torsion-rigid system

Wheels & Braking

The wheel system uses standard 16×8 – 6 stud wheels with 265-70 R16 tyres and makes use of an electric brake system modified for off-road.

Exterior Kitchen

The exterior kitchens can vary slightly depending on the model, but are large, stainless steel roll-out type with 2 burner gas cook top, stainless steel sink, large drawer and storage space.

The Crossover MS Suspension

The MS Series suspension has been extensively tested and has an amazing 330mm/13” wheel travel.

It’s smoother, it’s soft but it’s tough.

Using 10 (five per side) Neoprene rubber bushes encased in a metal jacket and centre mount, this allow the control arms and asymmetric link to articulate up to 90 degrees. These bushes are proven and tested over 1000’s of kilometres across Australia and are used in serious off road vehicles.

The MS series suspension has not one fixed, but two bushed front unequal length control arms designed to keep the hub in a vertical plain keeping the shock absorber mounts parallel to each other, avoiding side and torsion load whilst working together delivering a smooth shock absorbing ride.

Our suspension design has a fully boxed cross member tying the two main chassis rails as part of a rigid construction also acting as a torsion box tube. The chassis has four torque tubes, three front and one rear of the suspension to maintain a rigid platform for the Crossover Van.

Bump steer has been an inherent problem with previous lateral link types of suspension until now. The radical new geometry on our MS series suspension is designed to absorb change in weight load and will almost totally eliminate bump steer.

This is a great step forward from existing suspension systems, offering a more relaxing drive and peace of mind.

Improvements and upgrades to the current design are an ongoing process at Vista RV. We intend to maintain our position as a leader in innovation and design of high quality campers in Australia.