Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that aren't answered below, be sure to contact us.
General Questions
Can I visit your showroom?

Yes, Mon-Fri 09:00-14:00. Preferably call first to ensure we have a Crossover set up for display.

How long can I stay off-grid?

With two (2) full tanks of water (87 litres each, 174 litres total), with sun shining and Lithium batteries …… then quite a while. Lithium batteries will provide far more useable power than AGM batteries and will recharge very quickly.

The only major time limiting factor will be food and water.

Where can I find top-quality camper trailers in Melbourne?

Look no further than Vista RV for premium camper trailers in Melbourne. Our Australian-made models combine innovation and durability, perfect for your next off-road adventure.

What features set off-road camper trailers apart from standard models?

Off-road camper trailers are engineered for rugged adventures, featuring reinforced chassis, off-road tires, and advanced suspension systems. These specialized features ensure unmatched durability and performance on rough terrain.

Which optional extras do most people get with their camper?

The most popular is the upgrade to Lithium batteries
The diesel heater is very popular as the Crossover can be used all year round.
Storage pockets, door pantry, draft skirt and fly screen are also very popular choices.

Why choose an off-road caravan over a traditional camper?

Off-road caravans offer superior durability and versatility for adventurous travellers. With enhanced ground clearance and heavy-duty components, they excel in off-grid exploration while providing the comforts of home.

What is the warranty on your offroad campers?

We offer a two (2) year warranty, full parts & labour.

What are the benefits of owning an off-road camper trailer?

Off-road camper trailers provide the ultimate freedom to explore remote destinations with ease. With rugged construction and specialized features, they can navigate challenging terrains effortlessly.

Setup and Operation
Is the camper easy for an older person to setup and manage?

All models are very easy for all ages.

Can the camper go offroad anywhere my 4WD can go?

If your tow vehicle can go there then the Crossover will follow.

What type of suspension does a Vista Crossover have?

We have true off road, asymmetric, military style (MS) suspension employing King springs and Koni shock absorbers.

How long does it take to setup a Vista RV Crossover?

It takes less than 15 seconds to be in the camper and out of the rain. The sail awning takes less than 5 minutes and the shower pod less than 1 minute.

Payment & Finances
What is the minimum deposit I need to place an order?

We require a deposit of $5,000 to place your order on the production line with the balance payable on pick up.

What is your refund policy?

If an order is cancelled due to ill health or a family emergency, we will assign your build to the next suitable customer. When the next customer pays their deposit we will refund your deposit.

We do not offer refunds for a simple change of mind.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments via EFT or bank cheque, we do not accept credit card payments.

Do you have finance options available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer finance options.