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From time to time we encourage customers of the Crossover to write in and send us photographs of their experiences with the Crossover. We are constantly amazed at the outback and touring capabilities that our clients get from the Crossover, as well as appreciation of the high level of comfort and quality.

We use this information to further improve our product range and accossories. In this way we maintain a product that is at the forefront of the market, keeping up with the demands and trends of the industry, and proving the continue to be an example of Australian ingenuity.

We present some of the recent testimonials here. Or if you like you can let us know your own experiences in our VistaRV Crossover forum.

You may be also interested in our video testimonials with Crossover owners.

Colin & Terri Stewart

We have recently completed a 10500 klm trip through central and northern Australia. We travelled over 5000 klm on unsealed and at times extremely rough and dusty roads and tracks.

The Vista performed magnificently. It coped extremely well with the rigours of off road driving with no signs of any damage caused either by the many kilometres of road corrugations or the rocky and rugged terrain that we traversed.

A particularly pleasing aspect of the Vistas performance was is ability to keep out the dust. At the end of a long and arduous days travel it was great to be able to open up the Vista to a clean and dust free environment.

We have owned our Vista for just on 2 years. While our most recent trip is the longest that we have been on we have also tested out the Vista on many trips around southern WA. The Vista is great. It is extremely well built, very manoeuvreable in tight off road situations and most importantly very comfortable and easy to live in.

Esperance, August 2012.

Tony Fisher

Six weeks ago we picked up our Vistarv. Our first big trip was into the High Country of NE. Vic. The road conditions were from serious 4 x 4 to sealed roads. Endless bends and typical mountain roads. A few bad, rough and deep stream crossings. At one point we had to swing hard into the table drain to avoid a logging truck. We were travelling faster than slow at the time. I was amazed at the Vistas ability to handle everything in its path. It followed as if not there.

Last weekend I travelled to the Jerrilderie area for a hunting trip. We crossed farm land, farm tracks and dry creek beds without any regard for the Vista. It was expected to follow the Landcruiser anywhere I wanted my 4x4 to go. That is why I bought a Crossover. On arrival at the shearers quarters where we camped, a mate, who is a mechanic came up to me and commented on the Vista's ability to handle the rough sections on the road that the heavy trucks have caused. He was travelling behind and was amazed how it followed the vehicle both at high speed and slow off road without being thrown around.

The thing that fascinated me was when I opened the Vista up upon arrival at home. I discovered after nearly 200k's. A mate had put half a dozen eggs on the back shelf unbeknown to me. They were still there in almost the same place. Fortunately not spread across the floor.

Without writing another essay on the build qualities of the Vista. It is better summed up by saying it exceeds my expectations and ticks more box's than I had asked for.

Great work Louie and your Team.
Tony Fisher

Max and Val of Adelaide

We are happy Crossover owners. After 25 years of constantly changing the way we camped, we have settled on the Crossover and can’t see where any compromise is necessary. Camper trailers (we have had 5 different ones including a couple of the top of the range models) always had the nuisance of canvas, and the putting up and packing down. Caravans weren’t suitable for the areas we liked to travel, and we found we stayed inside too much.

The Crossover seems the answer for our needs. It is small but that is its appeal when travelling the corrugated, rutted outback tracks and roads. It tows very easily, the suspension is designed for rough outback tracks. The cabin was dust free after 700 kms of minor connecting Queensland/N.S.W. dirt roads. There is no canvas to dry before putting it down. And, did I say, it is cute. The kitchen is external, which is great for preparing easy lunches, and it is more fun to live outside as much as possible when camping. Of course, when the conditions are adverse, the inside table and benches are a godsend. We sit in there listening to Radio National or CDs or even the iPod. We have a 12v DVD player that we use for other entertainment on those inside occasions.

The bed and table combination seemed a worry before we used the Crossover. Now, we know it is not a problem. Fitted sheets and a quilt make folding it back a breeze. Setting up the table takes no more than 15 seconds and returning to the bed setup takes about the same.

Ventilation is satisfactory. There is a bit of a compromise with a finer mesh making the cabin sandfly proof. On balance, that is more important. If travelling often in hot climes as we have done, a 12v marine quality fan installed close to the head of the bed makes sleeping comfortable. The fan we chose can be turned in any direction so is used when sitting at the table as well.

Storage is more than adequate for people who are used to camper trailers. However, we do like to travel as lightly as possible and still have empty spaces.

A very good feature is its looks. Val says it is just so cute. Max sees it as rugged.

This Crossover is just a delight. The design is great. Louie seems passionate about his product. Quality control is excellent. Fittings, batteries, solar panels are all of good quality. One man, John, puts them together. He shows a pride in his work and it shows.


An update two years on...

TWO YEARS ON We have been campers for more than 25 years. Retired at 53 and have done many long trips each year for the last 15 years.

In that time we have slept in tents, camper trailers, just one of the Troopies, and even a caravan for one year. The last two years we have had a VistaRV.

What a great buy. A bit expensive, but you get what you pay for. It will go anywhere the Troopy goes and you have much comfort when you stop to camp.

Cooking is easy on the outside kitchen, then later, we sit at the table and watch a DVD if we choose, set up the bed in less than 15 seconds and sleep well.

Windows at our head give a good outside view from bed. Our trips in the last two years have included the Kimberleys, the Anne Beadell Highway, Gary Junction Highway, all around the Flinders Ranges, Darling River Road, and many black top roads from Adelaide to Barcaldine, Rockhampton, Bathurst and eastern Victoria, and south west WA and the Eyre Highway.

About 50,000 kms. All with no problems except for some scratches on both the Troopy and the Vista when on the Anne Beadell. The “Highway” is just a bit overgrown. 8 days and 5 tourist vehicles were seen. That track was the best test for the Vista. Corrugations like nowhere else, rocky tracks, washouts and potholes and a little sand.

Otherwise a beautiful desert to traverse. The Vista was absolutely dust proof, nothing moved in our cupboards and storage spots. We were rapped. We like the size of the Vista just as it is for overnight stops. Squeeze in anywhere, navigate twisty tracks, even when we have to reverse.

Put up the awning, and the end wall and maybe the front wall if staying for a while and you have plenty of room for outside living and some protection from wind and rain, and can enjoy just a little privacy.
What a great way to enjoy our outback and national parks. Pay a little more and get a go-anywhere in comfort outfit.

A few years on, you will forget the extra money and know you made the right choice.

Russell Guest - 25 years of outback touring

Crossover Test Drive - Wyperfield National Park
Suspension - tracks like a "hound dog", very strong construction, ride is excellent. A genuine caravan that will go anywhere and come back in one piece. Very user friendly, a pleasure to use and is warm & comfortable. We spent most of our time inside the van over a cold three days trip into Wyperfield & Big Desert National Park in late June 2008. The Crossover is the best vehicle of its' type I have seen. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to travel the outback in comfort.

Robert and Pat Bryce

We have traveled Australia extensively for over 30 years, visiting many isolated and rugged locations. We are practical and experienced in out back travel and well placed to assess the Crossover - we believe. The development of trailer tent campers over the last dozen years or so has made travel more comfortable - the Crossover significantly lifts the bar and creates a new benchmark.

The first impression of Crossover is that it is a high quality product with impeccable finish and quality components. This is not surprising when you realize Crossover's owners have been supplying quality components to the industry for over 15 years - they obviously know a thing or two about design and manufacturing.

We recently took a Crossover on a 5000km trip to South Australia to judge for ourselves whether it's claimed performance and new features really work in a variety of conditions. Towing vehicle was a Land Cruiser 200 Sahara V8 diesel.

The Crossover is compact and aerodynamic - reflecting function and purpose. It sits snugly behind the Toyota - no wider or higher - a real advantage in tightly formed tracks with low overhanging trees .We were using tracks so narrow and covered with trees it would be difficult for some camper trailers let alone an off road van to penetrate. Crossover's low profile ensured it would follow the Toyota without causing damage and of course enhanced fuel economy whilst towing - we averaged 16 litres/100km and 10.7 litres/100 km for Toyota. We experienced very strong winds over to South Australia but and the Crossover did not make a move compared to other vans being towed.

Crossover's benefits become obvious when time comes to make camp. Adjust the jockey wheel, insert the rear jacks, open the door and pop the top in literally a couple of minutes - no messing with canvas and levels - and marriage still intact!

Another great innovation is the simplicity in attaching the awning or full size annex - you can decide after camp is set up that you want the awning or annex - canvas simply slides along a channel on the roofline - it is done! No need to lower the roof, readjust canvas and risk of ripping canvas.

We have found that ventilation can be a problem with campers - not so with Crossover. There are large insect proof windows in the pop up and the door allows ventilation. The front window of Crossover houses a large wind out window, which can adjust to any opening and of course insect proof. Airflow can be vital in very hot conditions and we found Crossover had addressed this problem.
The Crossover has a 70-litre food grade water tank which is accessible for cleaning out should the need arise. This is adequate for several days if used modestly. The Crossover has an easy to read water gauge taking the guesswork out of capacity remaining. Most tow vehicles are available with extended range fuel tanks however, for added range, 4 x 20 litre Jerry can holders are standard. Crossover carries 2 x 4.5kg gas bottles.

We have never used a solar panel before and were amazed how the 80 watt output panel maintained a high capacity in the gel battery supplying the fridge, LED lighting, water pump and the high quality MP3, CD, radio with well-located speakers. Talking of which, why not play your favorite DVD on the laptop and hook up to the speakers providing great sound?

Another clever innovation is a wardrobe. This allows those "going out clothes" to be hung for when you get to town. Pat thought this was wonderful - so did I for that matter!

For our test, we were lucky enough to experience torrential rains in the Flinders Ranges - enough to close main roads and tracks for a few days. We are confidently able to report the Crossover does not leak - something a lot of pop up variants cannot claim.

Talking of leakage, the Crossover IS dust proof - apart from one rivet in an outside storage bin not being fully driven which did leak. Dust proofing is difficult to achieve but we were more than happy with this aspect.

The Crossover is exactly that - a "crossover" from a camper trailer to a caravan configuration without limiting off road performance. It allowed us to camp in luxury and comfort knowing we had a very well designed and constructed unit to take us to those places where roads and tracks are rougher, knowing the Crossover would be more than capable of what we were able to throw at it. We strongly recommend the Crossover for added luxury, ease of erection and a high quality fit out for the more adventurous. Would we buy one? Yes - they are extremely good value for what you get and knowing such a unit will hold its value over the coming years.

Signed Robert and Pat Bryce


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