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      My Love Affair with the Nissan Patrol V8

      Whats Up Down Under
      "My Love Affair with the Nissan Patrol V8"

      3rd August 2015,  by: Col Parrot
      Whats Up Downunder reviews the Nissan Patrol V8 using the Vista RV Crossover as the perfect towing companion. Some beautiful photos show how well the Patrol and Crossover go together.

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      Precision Unparalleled

      Camper Trailer
      "Precision Unparalleled"

      ,  by: Philip Lord
      "If ever you become despondent about the lack of Aussie ingenuity in design, or the seeming lack of high-quality local manufacturing that is actually Aussie-owned, then come this way. Here we have a top-shelf camper trailer that is not only cleverly designed but also has beautiful fit and finish. This is not to say that the Crossover is perfect it certainly has its flaws, like anything but it is hard not to be impressed with this rig overall. The Crossover was previewed in issue 14 of CTA

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      The Crossover has Landed

      Caravan and Motorhome Australia
      "The Crossover has Landed"

      1st August 2013,  by: Gil Scott
      "The Crossover is a new and innovative caravan/campervan that ticks a lot of boxes. One of the new kids on the block in caravan land is Vista RV's Crossover. It's part caravan, part camper, genuinely off road capable and very interesting indeed. "The Crossover is a very innovative, clever and comfortable little rig. The build quality looks to me to be very good indeed, and its dimensions allow it to follow your 4WD into out of the way places where all the fun is. "The Crossover is a very good

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      Offroad Camper of the Year 2009

      Campertrailer Australia
      "Offroad Camper of the Year 2009"

      28th December 2009,  by: Phillip Lloyd
      "I shouldn't like the Crossover, but I do. "It's just such a smart way of doing things. "This is the camper I shouldn't like, because with two young kids, there's nowhere to let them bed down for the built-for-two Crossover. Or rather, there's nowhere for me: I'd be the one in a swag out in the rain. "Despite its sleeping quarters that are really confined to accommodating two adults, I can't help but give this camper the big tick."

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      On The Road - The Best of Many Worlds

      "On The Road - The Best of Many Worlds"

      2nd May 2011,  by: Lloyd Junor
      "THE Crossover derives its name from the fact that it not a caravan, not a camping trailer, and definitely not a tent. It takes the best features of caravans (solid cabin living and sleeping space) and camping trailers (nimbleness, compact size, lower weight) and blends them together in an innovative way. It is aimed at those who want to be able to take their accommodation anywhere that their vehicle can go, who are seeking quality workmanship, and a product that has evolved from more than two d

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      Crossing Over

      Camper Trailer and Touring
      "Crossing Over"

      ,  by: Mike and Anita Pavey
      "Crossing Over - Combining caravan comfort with camper trailer go-anywhere capability. "If you've ever contemplated cashing out of the basic camper trailer scene in search of greater creature comforts, the Crossover could just be your ticket to adventure. Combining the compact footprint of an off road camper trailer with the comforts of a caravan, the Crossover makes a compelling argument as a comfortable tourer without sacrificing off road potential."

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      Spanning the Boundries

      Caravan and Motor Home Magazine
      "Spanning the Boundries"

      ,  by: Staff Writer
      "Open up your touring options with an RV that can double as on-road tourer and off-road adventurer "The team at Vista RV Crossover has managed to create a durable and compact shell that's ready to tackle any RV adventure, while providing all of the comfort you could need on any trip."

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      Southern Secrets

      Camper Trailer Touring
      "Southern Secrets"

      ,  by: Luke Arnold
      "The scenery, history and 4WDing of this lesser-known region of the Victorian High Country will blow you away"

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      Aussie Born and Bred

      Camper Trailer
      "Aussie Born and Bred"

      ,  by: David Thorndike
      "Vista RV Crossover is a locally made tough-as-nails camper trailer that will get you there in style "Founded in 2006, Vista RV Crossover has been at the forefront of camper trailer design and development in Australia since its inception. A family owned and operated company, Louie and Lorraine Cretella realised early on the need for a well-built camper trailer and caravan crossover design that would enable people to tow their camper anywhere they could take their 4WD, but without the hassle o

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      Hardened Luxury

      Camper Trailer Touring
      "Hardened Luxury"

      24th February 2013,  by: Cooper Kitts
      "Open up your touring options with an RV that can double as on-road tourer and off-road adventurer "The Vista RV Crossover is the flagship model of Vista RV's range, which also includes the TVK. It was designed to fill a space in the camper trailer market by offering a hard roof and long list of inclusions normally reserved for caravans, yet in an off-road ready camper trailer package."

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      Vista RV Crossover Buyers Guide

      Action and Adventure Magazine
      "Vista RV Crossover Buyers Guide"

      ,  by: Unknown
      "Independent suspension and a long list of features set these campers up for any adventure."

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      Vista RV Crossover TVK Buyers Guide

      4WD Magazine
      "Vista RV Crossover TVK Buyers Guide"

      17th April 2013,  by: Not listed
      When looking for a camper trailer, the trick is to find something that's comfortable and offers all of the creature comforts while remaining capable of following your 4WD through whatever lies in your path. The Crossover TVK from Vista RV is a good way to go about obtaining such a set-up, as it's designed with the true heavy-duty 4WDer in mind.

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