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Vista RV is the creator of The Crossover, VistaRV XL and the Vista RV TVK- creating a totally new concept in caravaning. At last, someone has made a family of camper vans that can go off road - anywhere your four wheel drive can! These off road camper/caravans are able to team up with the toughest off road vehicle and go the distance.

We have made the family of camper trailers with all of the needs of off-road in mind - this includes clearance to the ground extended, rugged suspension, light weight and a comparitvely short wheel base, as well as a host of fitted out amenities you will be suprised to find.

The vans are also easy to set up, so after a long day of off-road driving, or putting on the miles on the highway you will be ready to relax in just minutes! You can start to relax and enjoy your holiday soon after turning the engine off.

Designed to take the rough out of the outback for the ladies, short stops are a breeze and longer stays provide for a carefree holiday. Enjoy the sunshine, laugh at the rain and thunder you'll be warm and comfortable in these off roaders.

And best of all Vista RV manufacture right here in Australia from our factory in Bayswater, Melbourne.

Interested in a test or to find your nearest distributer, contact us.

The VistaRV Camper Models


The Vista RV Crossover is the mid sized all round camper trailer designed to work just as well off road as it does on the highway. It's made for Australian conditions.

This is the camper that started a revolution on Australian roads!

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The smaller off-road / highway camper trailer. This camper van has been designed for easy towing and can be set up easily and quickly, and packed up just as fast.

A smaller camper, but with no compromise on handling or style!

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VistaRV XL

For those who want a bigger camper with more comforts, but still able to handle the rough stuff, and tow on the sealed roads with ease. This camper trailer has it all!

Larger than the standard Crossover, but still easy to tow!

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New Model

New XLE model camper trailer!

Larger than the standard Crossover, but still easy to tow!

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New Model

New XLI model camper trailer!

Larger than the standard Crossover, but still easy to tow!

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Crossover Forums

Are you interested in talking to other Crossover owners about their experience and purchase?

We have an open formum available to owners, prospective owners and fans of the Vista RV Crossover family of vans.

The forums are a great place to meet experienced owners, as well as people new to the Crossover. You can ask any questions and get advice from everyday users. Find out tips and modificatins to get the most out of your Crossover.

If you are looking to buy a Crossover, the forums are a great place to find out what our users really think about the VistaRV Crossover family.

The forum is not hosted or administered by us, but you can ask us questions directly in the appropriate forum.

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