VistaRV Crossover

The VistaRV Crossover

The Crossover is a unique caravan in the Australian Outback Touring market. It has gained an off-road reputation in the short time it has been available. It has a dynamic presence that suggests it might be the latest of a long list of successful, off road designs. And it is. VistaRV is proud to present the original Crossover.

The Crossover is the original in our model line-up. It has set the pedigree of a caravan that is at home on the tarmac or off-road.

VistaRV Crossover

The VistaRV TVK

The T.V.K (Touring Van Kompact) has many of the advantages of the Crossover, such as the queen size bed which converts to a table and seats, and ample of storage under and behind the seats. The T.V.K is a shorter version of the Crossover, omitting the rear internal storage and fridge, but still having almost as much exterior access storage as the Crossover .It still has that same aerodynamic shape, ground clearance and towing ability as its big brother.

VistaRV Crossover

The VistaRV Crossover XL

The Vista Rv Crossover XL is an extended version of the Crossover with an Extra 300m of length gives you more room to move with a larger kitchen for extra storage of pots, pans and food. It is still the same footprint of the Crossover, same chassis and suspension and the same queen size bed.

With all the control and off road ability of the original Crossover, the XL will let you do it all with even more comfort.

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